After sailing through to the FA Cup Quarter-Finals, the squad are in training ahead of their Premier League clash with Spurs.

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Get closer to the likes of Sergio Aguero, Kevin De Bruyne, Gabriel Jesus, Raheem Sterling, Riyad Mahrez, Benjamin Mendy and the rest of Pep Guardiola's team.


  1. Rowan CFC

    Rowan CFCPrije 16 dana


  2. Wilcent Ng

    Wilcent NgPrije 17 dana

    we should have some penalty shoot out practices

  3. Jr Kh

    Jr KhPrije 17 dana

  4. Nisar Abdulah

    Nisar AbdulahPrije 17 dana

    If s aguero, b silva and p foden is playing than the win is quarantee

  5. Nisar Abdulah

    Nisar AbdulahPrije 17 dana


  6. Yash Chaudhari

    Yash ChaudhariPrije 17 dana


  7. Kapempe wera

    Kapempe weraPrije 17 dana

    Kali ini Man city jarus bangkit dan mengalahkan toten ham....setelah kalah di pertemuan pertama. ...hala the citizen. 💪💪💪💪

  8. Zaki Zaki

    Zaki ZakiPrije 17 dana

    Mantab pak abu

  9. Priyansh Rao

    Priyansh RaoPrije 17 dana

    Atleast Tottenham didn't draw. Against West Brom at home shame on city😂

  10. Hải Trần

    Hải TrầnPrije 17 dana

    Man City 💙

  11. Eric Mahla

    Eric MahlaPrije 17 dana


  12. Freddy

    FreddyPrije 17 dana

    Cannot wait to see you again !! Come on City!!!

  13. Ilma Farrasy Official

    Ilma Farrasy OfficialPrije 17 dana


  14. Takeshi Inoue

    Takeshi InouePrije 17 dana

    Stay strong CITY⚽️ Let’s get our 16th and win the league!!! All the best from the US/ America

  15. Joshua Agomadje

    Joshua AgomadjePrije 17 dana

    Let's go hopefully Pep puts Aguero against Tottenham

  16. JJ Best

    JJ BestPrije 17 dana

    Tottenham are going to f u up

  17. Melvin x15

    Melvin x15Prije 18 dana

    Guys, where is Sterling?

  18. Minecraft Mechanic

    Minecraft MechanicPrije 18 dana

    Can't wait for aguero to comeback and start playing and scoring goals

  19. Jhovane Reid

    Jhovane ReidPrije 18 dana

    Where is Ruben

  20. Jay Jay

    Jay JayPrije 18 dana

    Go city ⚓

  21. Lap Lap Ricky Fung

    Lap Lap Ricky FungPrije 18 dana

  22. Menji Boys

    Menji BoysPrije 18 dana

    Wonder where is kdb

  23. Nadir Abdelnour

    Nadir AbdelnourPrije 18 dana

    Dias, sergio, and rodri are available for tottenham

  24. rafi diaz

    rafi diazPrije 18 dana

    COME ON CITY💙💙💙💙💙

  25. nama dirahasiakan

    nama dirahasiakanPrije 18 dana

    how about dias?

  26. Hen Ry Edits

    Hen Ry EditsPrije 18 dana

    seeing king Kun giving some notice to Liam Delap

  27. AREyes Setyo

    AREyes SetyoPrije 18 dana

    Aguero go..........

  28. Surbya Jawa

    Surbya JawaPrije 18 dana

    Has to win. City

  29. Talhah Qureshi

    Talhah QureshiPrije 18 dana

    Lets beat spurs, its been long enough

  30. Mustofa Ollong

    Mustofa OllongPrije 18 dana

    Messi 😣😣 De bruyner👍😊😊

  31. Dimas sindu

    Dimas sinduPrije 18 dana

    Semangat 💪

  32. Angga Hatta

    Angga HattaPrije 18 dana


  33. Priyansh Rao

    Priyansh RaoPrije 18 dana

    Tottenham 2- man city0😂 next year's also Tottenham 2- man City 0 😂 can't defeat Tottenham 😂 also remember the ucl match u bloody plastic fans

  34. Rishabh

    RishabhPrije 16 dana

    @Priyansh Rao lmaoooo you loser 3-0🤭🤭🤭 U don't have anything to say other than plastic🤡🤡 How's 8th place looking for you now? Fans like you deserve this, who even asked you to come brag🤡 You should be embarrassed now😂

  35. Priyansh Rao

    Priyansh RaoPrije 17 dana

    Bruh kane is there so shut up u plastic

  36. Rishabh

    RishabhPrije 18 dana

    "u bloody plastic fans" , you're so salty and nervous for tomorrow's game. I'LL come back here after we get the win. Hoping to see you soon.

  37. Rishabh

    RishabhPrije 18 dana

    You absolute muppet you think the same thing will happen again?🤡 We're in stellar form and our defence is tight. Tottenham without Harry Kane is like a car without wheels😂😂

  38. moioko oko2

    moioko oko2Prije 18 dana


  39. mike heap

    mike heapPrije 18 dana

    Best team in north west and all the world. CTID 💙.

  40. Kabesa Mwansa

    Kabesa MwansaPrije 18 dana

    Omdz Sergio is back baby haha Sergio Sergio Sergio 🕺🏾

  41. Kingpee Prints

    Kingpee PrintsPrije 18 dana

    Guys I'm nervous, where is our Great Wall Of China, I mean Dias?

  42. Tania Imran

    Tania ImranPrije 18 dana

    Haha😂😂😂, good one

  43. Weimar Biang

    Weimar BiangPrije 18 dana

    All my best for tomorrow them

  44. Skies

    SkiesPrije 18 dana

    When will Aguëro be playing again?

  45. Travee

    TraveePrije 18 dana

    Let’s smash this one boys #CMONCITY

  46. grolgrol keester

    grolgrol keesterPrije 18 dana

    hope to see agüero play this weekend 💙

  47. Ibnu Yoga Khaikal

    Ibnu Yoga KhaikalPrije 18 dana

    Man cityy❤️❤️❤️

  48. El Kun

    El KunPrije 18 dana

    Bon arrivé le kun

  49. faiz pagilaran

    faiz pagilaranPrije 18 dana

    wish you good health always


    TENZIN GONPOPrije 18 dana

    Thumbnail is smells like complacency..

  51. Carl Albert

    Carl AlbertPrije 18 dana

    All the best guys. Hope u win

  52. Rool R

    Rool RPrije 18 dana

    Where are the guys Rodri and Dias??

  53. Akshay Samson

    Akshay SamsonPrije 18 dana

    Am not seeing Ruben Dias man city defensive rock🔥

  54. cogamers84

    cogamers84Prije 18 dana

    Score prediction: 1-0. Ederson to score

  55. Cityfan Indonesia

    Cityfan IndonesiaPrije 18 dana


  56. Daniele Pica

    Daniele PicaPrije 18 dana

    Cmon guys keep fighting

  57. work for ALLAH

    work for ALLAHPrije 18 dana

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  58. Harvey Haugh

    Harvey HaughPrije 18 dana

    Great to see more back in training but come on Ruben please be well enough to play

  59. Jello Narviada

    Jello NarviadaPrije 18 dana

    slakun is back

  60. Akbar Safarboyev

    Akbar SafarboyevPrije 18 dana

    Where is Dias????

  61. High Five Entertainment

    High Five EntertainmentPrije 18 dana

    Where is Cole Palmer? I have only seen him once!

  62. Deaga Azhar

    Deaga AzharPrije 18 dana

    why more city fans doesn't appreciate and say thank to man city top direction and absolutly Sheikh Mansour? to be honestly Txiki and Soriano working hard to build city like now they bring pep, Kevin, Bernardo to be replacement David, Rodrigo, they seems on cancelo when nobody doesn't seems. and the last txiki made great decision for the great wall Ruben Dias over Koulibaly. and Yap today city who break history with 15 consecutive win! Big Thank to Sheikh mansour , Txiki and Sorriano💙 so proud to be fans of club who always a break history! - indonesia's city fans #WereNotReallyHere

  63. john honai

    john honaiPrije 18 dana

    Tottenham is the team which has conceded least no. of goals in this epl after City. That means we would have a tougher game than Liverpool since our goal scoring is less compared to last season. Tottenham is most dangerous on counters and crosses. But I predict the score 2-1 to City.

  64. ALI muhmaed

    ALI muhmaedPrije 18 dana

    I am from Iraq I am live man ste kan your spec English

  65. Omen

    OmenPrije 18 dana

    im a spurs fan and to be honest, i think u will win

  66. MC DIP

    MC DIPPrije 18 dana

    Sguero back

  67. Egin Fergian Axpreydasta

    Egin Fergian AxpreydastaPrije 18 dana

    Brilliant pep for man city, best transfers and tactical

  68. Balaji Prithviraj

    Balaji PrithvirajPrije 18 dana

    Stonesy 😍

  69. ai biplob

    ai biplobPrije 18 dana


  70. MyX

    MyXPrije 18 dana

    Where dias 😭😭😭😭

  71. Исроил Ахундадаев

    Исроил АхундадаевPrije 18 dana

    Мансити-тотенхам 3-1!

  72. Исроил Ахундадаев

    Исроил АхундадаевPrije 18 dana

    Мансити-тотенхам 3-1!

  73. Keith Lyimo

    Keith LyimoPrije 18 dana

    Goat Carson is back. No wonder city regained their ways. He should be the one taking our penalties he cant do wrong.

  74. ninjaXavier2

    ninjaXavier2Prije 18 dana

    nice pun

  75. Y.M.Q VEVO

    Y.M.Q VEVOPrije 18 dana

    Vamos 💪

  76. Risky Setiawan

    Risky SetiawanPrije 18 dana

    Hancur kan spurs

  77. PES 2021 MOBILE

    PES 2021 MOBILEPrije 18 dana

  78. Micah Richards

    Micah RichardsPrije 18 dana

    Can't see Dias. Wish he's fine!

  79. Eddie Plays

    Eddie PlaysPrije 18 dana

    Long live man city 💙💙😍 lots of love From Barca fan 💙❤️💙❤️

  80. shonola ismaeel

    shonola ismaeelPrije 18 dana

    No stop and complacency Mancity Just continue Going.

  81. Duy Trần

    Duy TrầnPrije 18 dana

    Happy new year Việt Nam ♥️💙💙

  82. Marnus deBruyne

    Marnus deBruynePrije 18 dana

    1:15 thank god 🙏🏼 Rodri is back in training 😅

  83. man city fc news

    man city fc newsPrije 18 dana

    Soo happy to see kun aguero training

  84. Bas&Bar Tluanga

    Bas&Bar TluangaPrije 18 dana

    Totenham are now the laziest club so we should bring it on.....on saturday

  85. Cityz3n Nepal

    Cityz3n NepalPrije 18 dana

    Waiting for amazing aguero comeback

  86. Tsering getyourbagpack

    Tsering getyourbagpackPrije 18 dana

    Let's go team! Let's smash the chickens 👊

  87. Adib Muzakkir

    Adib MuzakkirPrije 18 dana

    De bruyne🥲

  88. Galvin

    GalvinPrije 18 dana

    Practice makes perfect So keep training.

  89. muhayan muhayan

    muhayan muhayanPrije 18 dana


  90. Galvin

    GalvinPrije 18 dana

    Practice makes perfect So keep training.

  91. Sacha Tenze

    Sacha TenzePrije 18 dana

    Agueroooooooooo.. He is back


    AADITYA PARANJAPEPrije 18 dana

    is dias playing vs tothennam??

  93. Joseph Khiangte

    Joseph KhiangtePrije 18 dana

    It's great Aguero has joined the team..

  94. Jill Jackline

    Jill JacklinePrije 18 dana

    That's good to see aguero on the training

  95. trend x tube

    trend x tubePrije 18 dana

    We r definitly going to win against bus parking team

  96. Mr jestoole

    Mr jestoolePrije 18 dana

    Where is the ruben deaz

  97. Sultan Muhammad

    Sultan MuhammadPrije 18 dana

    Where RUBEN DIAZ??

  98. Dimazzz Ardiansyah

    Dimazzz ArdiansyahPrije 18 dana

    Hopefully dias getting well soon:)

  99. Lamar Wright

    Lamar WrightPrije 18 dana

    I don't see Ruben in training

  100. budi utama

    budi utamaPrije 18 dana

    where diaz 😭

  101. King Me

    King MePrije 18 dana

    Aguero hatrick Saturday 🙏

  102. wildan Rahmat

    wildan RahmatPrije 18 dana

    Nice to see aguero comeback in training😍


    TIRINGA SHELBYPrije 18 dana


  104. Aizawa DAL16

    Aizawa DAL16Prije 18 dana

    Come on City🔥💪

  105. Marlev Chirshofer

    Marlev ChirshoferPrije 18 dana

    Where Diaz?