Pep looks ahead to City's trip to Wales as they take on Swansea at the Liberty Stadium in their FA Cup 5th Round tie.
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  1. Assif Kwaku

    Assif KwakuPrije 19 dana

    Nothing less than a quadruple.

  2. ARSYAD 3B

    ARSYAD 3BPrije 20 dana

    Guardiolla very humble

  3. Momoh Mohamed Turay

    Momoh Mohamed TurayPrije 20 dana

    Pep we need to win against Spurs and Arsenal for champions league start

  4. Momoh Mohamed Turay

    Momoh Mohamed TurayPrije 20 dana

    Pep is the one of the top most manger in the world, he is gifted in setting information. before he game to man city i was already a man city supporter and through a player call Yaya Toure, from their i started playing football in my village because my was love to listen sport on BBC. All the time a listen i will hear the commentators call Yaya Toure... and one day i move to a big town and one of my friend take me to cinema but i not having money to pay. My friend said i pay for that time Barcelona vs Read Madrid, when Barcelona win by 5:0 . then i ask him where did Yaya Toure played he answer me he play at man city and the next day was man city vs QPRS then i saw Yaya Toure playing. me too started to play football and presently am a Division two player in my district. my aim is to play for Man city. you can check on my HRhave channel search Momoh Mohamed Turay and see training

  5. Menji Boys

    Menji BoysPrije 20 dana

    Also let’s get swansea at the fa cup and totinham in the premier league

  6. Menji Boys

    Menji BoysPrije 20 dana

    This is easy

  7. Abdul Muhamad

    Abdul MuhamadPrije 20 dana

    UCL incoming

  8. Martha Solomon

    Martha SolomonPrije 20 dana

    The faces he makes 😂😂😂😂💙💙💙💙💙💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

  9. Shiesty

    ShiestyPrije 20 dana

    We taking the champions league

  10. Ivan Bravo

    Ivan BravoPrije 20 dana

    Beautiful bald genious. 😎💙

  11. Azim Jamal

    Azim JamalPrije 20 dana

    King tiki taka

  12. Ahmed Geesh

    Ahmed GeeshPrije 20 dana

    The best club

  13. Alex Wilson

    Alex WilsonPrije 20 dana

    The Power of Pep. This one man changed this club for the better. I will forever love him.

  14. Galvin Bhullar

    Galvin BhullarPrije 20 dana

    Come on City 💙🤍💙🤍

  15. Abdulfattah Nguyu

    Abdulfattah NguyuPrije 20 dana

    Love you so much Man City 🔵🔵💙 love you manage 😘❤️

  16. iam Abdiwadud

    iam AbdiwadudPrije 20 dana

    "No stress" travel to them.and thrash them😅😅 do we look joke to you swansea? The best team in england💙 city fan 💙

  17. Feneti Kuse

    Feneti KusePrije 20 dana

    Come Man City

  18. chrisgoosio

    chrisgoosioPrije 20 dana

    Asks the Scott to repeat the question! 🤣🤣

  19. Akin

    AkinPrije 20 dana

    Best manager ever, pep is a genius

  20. Mesut Ç.

    Mesut Ç.Prije 20 dana

    The only thing i didnt agree with pep there is whether you lose or win. you play with false nine or a striker. you are always going to be the best manager in the world. and we love you.

  21. Bossa Baroque

    Bossa BaroquePrije 20 dana

    From time to time, I see him more relax and moorrreeee handsome. Something wrong with my eyes?!😍

  22. Status__ Lavie

    Status__ LaviePrije 20 dana

  23. Status__ Lavie

    Status__ LaviePrije 20 dana

  24. Mohamed Masaod

    Mohamed MasaodPrije 20 dana

    Vamos city from Egypt💙

  25. T Ast

    T AstPrije 20 dana

    you think by 2021 we'd be able to hear the questions by now...

  26. Randhir singh

    Randhir singhPrije 20 dana

    One of the most humble personality in sports. Great love for him and Mcity from Kolkata, India

  27. Alfusainey Jallow

    Alfusainey JallowPrije 20 dana

    Pep we turst kep it up 🔥🔥💙

  28. Thushyanthy Mohanathaasan

    Thushyanthy MohanathaasanPrije 20 dana

    My favorite manager and richest manager in the world and best 😍

  29. Rony Mejia

    Rony MejiaPrije 20 dana

    Mañana goleada de M city 💪🔢

  30. Freddy

    FreddyPrije 20 dana

    Come on City. Great watching you play at the moment - good luck tomorrow. Rodri was fantastico last game. 💙⚽💙⚽💙

  31. ali maati علي المعطي

    ali maati علي المعطيPrije 20 dana


  32. Addis Ellis

    Addis EllisPrije 20 dana

    The press Conference volume is always low idk if it's jus me

  33. Javed Iqbal

    Javed IqbalPrije 20 dana

    Iff city win next two game league is over

  34. focalistic vines

    focalistic vinesPrije 20 dana

    All I ask is that we keep Phil foden for all we can

  35. British Passion

    British PassionPrije 20 dana

    We need to watch out for Conor Hourihanes delivery

  36. Let Love Lead

    Let Love LeadPrije 20 dana

    💙💙💙💎💎💎⬆⬆⬆super City is winning all trophies this season. it's so amazing how Salah fell like a sack of maize and he deserves the all time diving award imao.😳😳😂😃

  37. Green Angel

    Green AngelPrije 20 dana

    Hello everyone, I'm a new man city fan, and I'm working on my British accent through hearing the commentators, so if any of you can give me an advice about what highlights to watch and the commentators I can enjoy I'll be so thankful💙💙

  38. Green Angel

    Green AngelPrije 20 dana

    @Monamela Mokhesi you can say it's a hobby, I love learning languages and I really like the British accent, so I'm not changing myself it's just that I love learning new things.

  39. Monamela Mokhesi

    Monamela MokhesiPrije 20 dana

    Why you working on a British accent just be yourself bro

  40. Badger Stump

    Badger StumpPrije 20 dana

    can't hear the questions most of the time ... i'll survive, thanks for asking

  41. klosowski siemens

    klosowski siemensPrije 20 dana

    What a amazing coach he is. Respect everyone and opposition.

  42. GokuXPoku

    GokuXPokuPrije 20 dana

    Can Scott Carson get his debut???

  43. Aditya Prakoso

    Aditya PrakosoPrije 20 dana


  44. Ronest Pradifta

    Ronest PradiftaPrije 20 dana

    Iam The Cityzens

  45. That's Football

    That's FootballPrije 20 dana

    just the best, ma love 🥰💯😂

  46. fuck you official

    fuck you officialPrije 21 dan

    We need player can scored penalties

  47. Rvssian

    RvssianPrije 21 dan

    My jefe 😎🔥

  48. Tahsin Habibi, roll 2, NGTL

    Tahsin Habibi, roll 2, NGTLPrije 21 dan

    Lol love how city has a better defence than bayern but bayern’s attack is the best in za warudo

  49. hamza jiile

    hamza jiilePrije 21 dan

    Who will take the spot kick? 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  50. Graham Saunders

    Graham SaundersPrije 21 dan

    Pep got it spot on with Foden, in the past he was to small and didn't have the hunger, now he is a year older, wants to always impress and also get better and better within himself.

  51. fuck you official

    fuck you officialPrije 21 dan

    We win every trophy can participitated

  52. Fishy Fish

    Fishy FishPrije 21 dan

    peps tactics are super complicated but the only goal he sets with the tactics are to WIN the game that's the way to say it that's the way to do it!

  53. Omar Al kayal

    Omar Al kayalPrije 21 dan

    Pep really wants to win this trophy not just the EPL or UCL

  54. Sean _2508

    Sean _2508Prije 21 dan

    The great Pep

  55. Bit Frost

    Bit FrostPrije 21 dan

    Pep's sharp as f as always.

  56. fuck you official

    fuck you officialPrije 21 dan

    We win the match against swansea



    The greatest manger in 202q

  58. Harry Kgari

    Harry KgariPrije 21 dan

    Pep you are the best in the world

  59. Kabesa Mwansa

    Kabesa MwansaPrije 21 dan

    I need to learn to answer like Pep Guadiola

  60. Mahmud Nawab

    Mahmud NawabPrije 21 dan

    Pep you dope,,,the best manager in the world,,pep 4LF

  61. Ahas Iikuyu

    Ahas IikuyuPrije 21 dan

    Gundogan's recent form has been due to the fact that cancelo now shifts into CM alongside Rodri, at this fits perfectly for Gundogan to shift in between the lines and into the false 9

  62. Mohamed Kamara

    Mohamed KamaraPrije 21 dan

    Simon stone the worst at asking questions

  63. Umar Khan

    Umar KhanPrije 21 dan

    Pep best manager in the world

  64. Ahas Iikuyu

    Ahas IikuyuPrije 21 dan

    How city fans we've forgotten about sane, we've got foden now he's tormenting liverpool

  65. Mrs Pilling

    Mrs PillingPrije 21 dan

    👋I echo the sentiments from the Boss. Regardless of the outcome at the end of the season. I just want the Boss, Team & Fans to have fun, enjoy the game, Stay Safe & Stay Sane etc.. Anybody making hurtful comments, throughout this challenging time in our history; is not a genuine fan, of the Beautiful game. In fact, they make the game appear rather ugly. "When people show you who they are, believe them.." (Maya Angelou) 💙🙏 #proactivaopenarms

  66. Diran's House

    Diran's HousePrije 21 dan

    Last question, Pep trying this damnedest not to answer the question 😂😂😂😂

  67. Віктор Любчик

    Віктор ЛюбчикPrije 21 dan

    Zinchenko 💪🇺🇦

  68. mohammed almehdar

    mohammed almehdarPrije 21 dan


  69. muhammad hamzanwadi

    muhammad hamzanwadiPrije 21 dan

    Manchester city is the best... manchester cityy winner 2021... Manchester city go on focus... Phil foden the best player in world..

  70. Antonia Prince

    Antonia PrincePrije 21 dan

    I love Pep's facial reactions. He speaks with his face before he opens his mouth😂

  71. Ashish Shukla

    Ashish ShuklaPrije 21 dan

    Cannot hear any questions. The volume is too low when the journalists are asking the questions.

  72. Muzzy Mc

    Muzzy McPrije 20 dana

    was going to say the same

  73. iMAXit Football

    iMAXit FootballPrije 21 dan

    Another relaxed victory & I would be buzzing Because resting players is very important 😴 Tuff Road ahead come on city 💙

  74. hamza jiile

    hamza jiilePrije 21 dan

    The mentality is Win that's it Simple Respect 💪💪👌👏👏🙌💯


    DRACO MUSIQPrije 21 dan

    We need Halaand

  76. Trevor Dawkins

    Trevor DawkinsPrije 20 dana

    Not suty

  77. Jaheem Maddison

    Jaheem MaddisonPrije 20 dana

    We absolutely do

  78. Özbay Erdağı

    Özbay ErdağıPrije 21 dan

    Haydi city !

  79. king man

    king manPrije 21 dan

    Hello sky blue

  80. Temp Account

    Temp AccountPrije 21 dan

    15th wins in a row please ⚽♥️ !!

  81. Temp Account

    Temp AccountPrije 21 dan

    and I'd like to see Marez hat-trick ).

  82. Weimar Biang

    Weimar BiangPrije 21 dan

    All my best Manchester City win again for Swansea city... keep it up...👍👍🙏✝️❤️

  83. Ibrahim Kadri

    Ibrahim KadriPrije 21 dan

  84. Franklin Karani

    Franklin KaraniPrije 21 dan

    I what pep to smash Jose Saturday 🔥🤸🤸🤸🤸

  85. Nigel B.

    Nigel B.Prije 21 dan

    The sound levels are terrible, can hardly hear the questions, surely you can improve this please @ManCity

  86. Lucifer Gamer

    Lucifer GamerPrije 20 dana

    Yeah I also can't hear anything I use subtitles to understand

  87. Ted2020

    Ted2020Prije 21 dan


  88. Deano 2021

    Deano 2021Prije 21 dan

    Going to be very difficult for someone to beat us now after the boost that Liverpool win would of give the team, Don’t see us getting beat now of anyone, let’s see how long we can keep this winning streak up currently 14 hopefully get to about 30. COME ON CITY!!!

  89. Talhah Qureshi

    Talhah QureshiPrije 21 dan


  90. Salim Alhawfali

    Salim AlhawfaliPrije 21 dan

    The best club in the world

  91. Usman Wajid

    Usman WajidPrije 21 dan

    This is gonna be hard game. We cant underestimate Swansea last time we just about won 3-2 and right now Swansea r doing good in the championship

  92. Vik Sinha

    Vik SinhaPrije 21 dan

    @R A The results of those matches you mentioned were dependent on the teams' performances. Liverpool were garbage against Burnley but played well against Spurs, and Spurs didn't defend too well. Man united were garbage against Sheffield united but played well against southampton (who were garbage). But anyways, I also hope we beat swansea

  93. R A

    R APrije 21 dan

    @Vik Sinha I know what u mean but man this is football anything can happen... Liverpool loose to Burnley but win against Tottenham. Man Utd loose to Sheffield united but win 9-0 to Southampton and beat Liverpool. Football is unpredictable and anything can happen BUT I get what you mean. Let’s just hope we smash Swansea tomorrow 👊💙 CTID

  94. Vik Sinha

    Vik SinhaPrije 21 dan

    @R A But were they performing as well as they could? Probably not; if we barely won against a garbage team. If we can destroy Liverpool 5-0 4-0 and 4-1, then we can exterminate Swansea before they even know what hit them

  95. R A

    R APrije 21 dan

    @Vik Sinha you probably didn’t watch that match... we actually had most of our best players playing.

  96. Vik Sinha

    Vik SinhaPrije 21 dan

    It was 3-2 because we didn't play well. If we play our best then we will win 4-0

  97. Tristan24

    Tristan24Prije 21 dan

    Swansea getting revenge for 2019! Sterling dived and Aguero offside! Hopefully city don’t cheat again....

  98. Shane James

    Shane JamesPrije 5 dana

    @Derek Tauk Yes it is all to play for and very close up the top. Looking forward to seeing how the season plays out👍🦢

  99. Derek Tauk

    Derek TaukPrije 5 dana

    @Shane James Don't get your hope to high, every team want a piece of premier league. It's all to play for. 🔵👍👍

  100. Shane James

    Shane JamesPrije 5 dana

    @Derek Tauk Just about yeah🤣We dominated Coventry. Look at the other stats. At least we picked up a win after a loss, unlike Brentford who lost 3 on the bounce. 2 games in hand on Brentford in second. Brentford still have Norwich to play. I'm confident we can get second👍

  101. Derek Tauk

    Derek TaukPrije 5 dana

    @Shane James Coventry had most of the possession, you was lucky. Just scrape through the win by 1 goal to Coventry. Lol 😂. Swan still in 4th place. You won't even make play off. 🔵👍

  102. Shane James

    Shane JamesPrije 6 dana

    @Derek Tauk Yeah with 2 games in hand😂😂1 point behind second. We could still win the league

  103. Micah Richards

    Micah RichardsPrije 21 dan

    We want Ederson to be our penalty taker.

  104. Monamela Mokhesi

    Monamela MokhesiPrije 20 dana

    If ederson takes penalties who is gonna to be in between the sticks

  105. A4

    A4Prije 21 dan

    @Bit Frost he doesn’t play as often as ederson lol, ederson is a starter for every game

  106. Bit Frost

    Bit FrostPrije 21 dan

    @Sami Garatli what about Mahrez ?

  107. lukckcas8

    lukckcas8Prije 21 dan

    Yes 👍🏻

  108. Sami Garatli

    Sami GaratliPrije 21 dan

    or bernardo silva or foden

  109. Zach Connell

    Zach ConnellPrije 21 dan

    Hi cmon the blues

  110. nick smasher

    nick smasherPrije 21 dan

    Being the best is all that matters because the best wins always. Let's go city

  111. Napoleon Harrison

    Napoleon HarrisonPrije 21 dan

    The best manager in the world pep

  112. Gabriel Jesus The GOAT

    Gabriel Jesus The GOATPrije 21 dan

    The Best Manager In The World

  113. HD Cast

    HD CastPrije 20 dana

    Steve Cooper is superior 🦢

  114. Marnus deBruyne

    Marnus deBruynePrije 20 dana

    @PrometheusTV Why not?


    CITYZENS SANDERSPrije 20 dana

    In history

  116. PrometheusTV

    PrometheusTVPrije 20 dana

    @Marnus deBruyne Do you think he would have won the UCL and the league at Liverpool

  117. Marnus deBruyne

    Marnus deBruynePrije 20 dana

    @Kiabuin Eric basing on a lost game u mean?

  118. Deepak Dinesan

    Deepak DinesanPrije 21 dan

    World gonna see the rise of blue moon💙💥

  119. Steven Walker

    Steven WalkerPrije 21 dan

    BS seen we the best in the world just need that champs league

  120. Elliott Hampton

    Elliott HamptonPrije 21 dan

    Let’s be honest everyone wants ederson to take a pen

  121. Elliott Hampton

    Elliott HamptonPrije 20 dana

    @Monamela Mokhesi good old Kyle

  122. Elliott Hampton

    Elliott HamptonPrije 20 dana

    @Wilcent Ng that’s a shame maybe he might if there’s a pen he’ll be subbed on so he gets a practice environment with low stress or importance

  123. Elliott Hampton

    Elliott HamptonPrije 20 dana

    @Shark Team yeah he said his know how is not good enough but his skills are

  124. Elliott Hampton

    Elliott HamptonPrije 20 dana

    @san dayum I wanna see that footage now

  125. san

    sanPrije 20 dana

    @Monamela Mokhesi 🤭🤭

  126. Andrew

    AndrewPrije 21 dan

    I worry about the long trip to South Wales and the fact that Swansea are in blistering form themselves. It’s gonna be a tougher game than we might expect against a Championship side. And you can be sure they are looking for revenge

  127. Sergio9320

    Sergio9320Prije 20 dana

    @Amy ClementYes Amy and so you should be, everyone has to be positive 'til it's all over. Are swans fans still having demos outside the ground before games? Big up and respect to those demonstrating.

  128. Amy Clement

    Amy ClementPrije 20 dana

    Hi, swans fan here, defo looking for revenge 😂

  129. Andrew

    AndrewPrije 21 dan

    @Sergio9320 Me too 😉

  130. Sergio9320

    Sergio9320Prije 21 dan

    Andrew pal, your post is the first sensible post here. I'm old school CITY, I know it can go wrong at any time.

  131. Thomas Karakadzai

    Thomas KarakadzaiPrije 21 dan

    Watching from Zimbabwe

  132. gardner chisoro

    gardner chisoroPrije 21 dan


  133. Moffat 666

    Moffat 666Prije 21 dan

    I'm liking every city comment under this video ❤️

  134. 17KDB 17

    17KDB 17Prije 20 dana

    Bro same 🤣🤣🤣

  135. MyX

    MyXPrije 21 dan

    Na na na na na na na na,,,, City 🎵 From Indonesia🇲🇨

  136. Jancok Gaming

    Jancok GamingPrije 20 dana

    @MyX mksudnya gmna😂

  137. MyX

    MyXPrije 21 dan

    @Useless Miwa here ya

  138. Useless Miwa here

    Useless Miwa herePrije 21 dan


  139. Geezy huncho2

    Geezy huncho2Prije 21 dan

    Go on💙

  140. Remark Able

    Remark AblePrije 21 dan

    I hope to see Aguero return. And I want Pep to rest Dias and Bernardo and Gundogan for our upcoming Tottenham game. Or atleast limit their minutes. C'mon City. Great team, Great manager.

  141. Prakhar Mishra

    Prakhar MishraPrije 21 dan

    Yes and play ferran and laporte fernandinho

  142. LongLiveWoo

    LongLiveWooPrije 21 dan

    @Sim Simvuyele do not worry my friend

  143. Sim Simvuyele

    Sim SimvuyelePrije 21 dan

    Swansea are a good team we need to be careful with the resting of players

  144. Pritam Biswas

    Pritam BiswasPrije 21 dan

    I agree with you !! I am Man City biggest fan from India ... come on City 💙💙💙

  145. Reinaldo

    ReinaldoPrije 21 dan

    they will rest, because foden, doyle, ferran torres, and mahrez will playing tommorow

  146. Narma Brahmi

    Narma BrahmiPrije 21 dan


  147. Your Combiner

    Your CombinerPrije 21 dan

    Pep's facial expressions though